Chili Cook-Off Logo.png

Saturday Oct 8, 2022
West Side Park
Cambridge, WI
11am - 2pm

Registration Opens August 15th
Registration Fee: $25.00

5 slots open in each category

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Part of the...


Three Categories:
Mighty Meat
Vivacious Vegetarian
Nice n' Spice-EEE


Details and Rules:

  • 2 gallons of Chili must be made at home in a sanitized kitchen and brought in warm ready to serve.

  • Chili must be made from scratch. (no premade canned)

  • You need to provide any condiments that you would like to top your chili.

  • You will need to serve your chili from 11-2

  • Set-up times will be announced after registration.

  • Encourage testers to vote for you


All Chili will be served in 3 oz Shot cups with your desired condiments/toppings. (Team # written on bottom of the cups)


Chili will be sold in Flights of 5 by category. (Flights will sell for $5.00)


People vote with their dollars. $1 equals 1 vote. Whoever has the most votes at 2pm will be declared the winner at 3pm.

Chili participant Needs:

Serving Ladle

Crock Pots 

Extension Cord

Desired Condiments (toppings)


Table and 2 chairs per entry

3 oz serving cups

Table Cloth

Voter Boxes (made from big plastic containers)



The Chili Chef with the most votes wins a hand carved wood spoon and half of the cash from their voters box.