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Community Recycling Education Initiative

With the initiative we hope to:

1. Educate our community about what and where to              recycle, while also encouraging     reusing and                  reducing.

2. Create partnerships with the Cambridge Library, CES,      CMS, CHS, CHS Eco Club, the Wellness                          Collaborative,  Lee Recreation, Piggly Wiggly, and the      Chamber of Commerce.

3.  Produce at least a two part speaker series that                   highlights recycling information and one that focuses         on  Reducing and Reusing.

4.  Produce informational posters/brochures to give to           community that has information about what they can         recycle and where.

5.  Encourage local businesses to provide recycling bins       with good signage.

6.  Provide recycling bins at community parks and on             Main Street with good signage.

7.  F2S support a recycling program at the MS and                Charter school as well as continue supporting the               recycling programs (Eco Club) at HS and CES.

8.  Provide the support in 2020 for the Green Team and         HS ECO club to present a fun and educational                   presentation during assemblies for Earth Week at all         the schools.

9. Create awareness that  plastics #2-4 can be recycled        at the Piggly Wiggly as well as add signage and                another bin. Possibly create an additional drop-off at          the Library.

10. Promote marker, battery, and light bulb recycling at            the Library as well as provide the information where          to take other misc items.

11. Find funding for needed recycling bins, literature, and       signage.

12. Have all the educational information available on the       F2S website

13. Continue to find ways to eliminate waste in the                 community and schools. This would  include replacing       milk coolers with milk dispensers in the schools. This         would  eliminate the thousands and thousands of milk       cartons used each week.

14. Work to become a Plastic bag free community.

More information coming!

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