F2S needs your Support 

Cambridge Farm to School is a volunteer-run organization that assists with programming and facilitates hands-on education and learning opportunities in the Cambridge School District and the community.

All donations go directly towards programming.
Donations are tax
deductible and you will be emailed a receipt within 1-5 business days.


Cambridge Farm to School promotes healthy nutrition and fosters connection to real food through education and practice, with a focus on community and the environment.

When you donate you help make these programs happen!


Chef in the Classroom Series

Since 2012, Chef Gene Gowan has educated area youth on healthy eating and culinary skills - and the program continues to expand! In recent years, CIC has become a part of the high school health curriculum, giving older kids the opportunity to learn some essential skills before they leave home. 

There is much more demand for this incredible program than there is money available. Your donation helps keep this program running and expanding into the other schools in the district.

Perennial Edible & Exploration Gardens


A beautiful space located at the Severson Learning Center, the F2S has a large plot where rows and rows of raspberries grow as well as many other perennial plants and flowers. The other side is meant for exploration projects made out of reuse materials.  A large shelter using repurposed posts and billboard vinyl will go up this summer to provide a place out the sun for students and volunteers to gather.  

Your donation helps maintain and expand this program opening new doors to all sorts of learning opportunities.

project potato-heading.jpg

Local Food-to-Cafeteria 

These two volunteer growing programs provide enough tomatoes to make enough Signature Pizza Sauce to feed the district for the school year.  Your donation helps  cover the cost of the tomato plants and the potato seeds to hand out to volunteers and participating local 4-H and Scout troops. These plants and seeds turn into delicious ingredients for the students of Cambridge.


The Eco-Jays

This program is set out to help educate our community about sustainability with an emphasis on Recycling, Reducing and Reusing. F2S works with the community to keep up to date information on where and what you can recycle. We also host an Electronic Recycling Event each spring at the High School parking lot. Two programs have developed under the Eco-Jay's, one at CES, the Green team and  the Eco-Jay's at the KT Charter school.


Green Team-Our kids are the future of a healthy planet and these kids at Cambridge Elementary are truly Green Team heroes! The Green Team is a volunteer group of students that are trained to guide other students by identifying what items are recyclable, compostable, and garbage. They help to keep over 400 milk cartons and fruit cups from going into the landfill, as well as over 25 pounds of compostable food every day! Donations maintain working stations and give tees and awards to these amazing youth volunteers!

The Eco-Jay's at KT have worked this year creating a sustainable product review guide for the community by the community with the goal to help reduce waste and make our community a sustainable one.

Donations make sure these programs happen!

Other Ways to Help

We need Money and you need to be rid of these non-landfill items!
You can donate these items to F2S and they will properly recycle the items and take the money made to apply to our programs.

Christmas Tree Lights
Spent Brass Shells
What is it - Lead Acid Battery.jpg
Lead Batteries

We will accept these items at the enterance of the Recycling Event in the Spring. Or contact us to make drop off arrangements.



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Business Sponsorship

Are you a local business that believes in the value of healthy food and a healthy environment?  Are you looking for an organization that strives for the same values?  Farm to School is always looking for business sponsorships and partnerships.  Please consider joining Cambridge Farm to School in changing the world one day at a time.

Ways to Give:


Your business’s logo will be listed on our website and our quarterly newsletter


Your business’s logo will be listed on our website and our quarterly newsletter as well as recognized at the annual F2S Fall Festival Fundraiser.  Your business will also receive a FREE staff sustainability training.


Your business’s logo will be listed on our website and our quarterly newsletter as well as recognized at the annual F2S Fall Festival Fundraiser.  Your business will also receive a FREE staff sustainability training along with a sustainability audit and support to help make your business more sustainable.