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Who We Are

Farm to School Advisory Board

I am so fortunate to be a part of this Farm to School Program!  Knowing where your food comes from, feeling a connection to the earth, and being environmentally aware of your impact on the planet are a few of my passions.  I love working with the community and the students making a difference everyday.



Jacy Eckerman


I believe strongly in creating a link between children and where their food comes from so they grow up with a understanding of the importance of their food. I also love to educate the littles in our community.

Erica Lien


Live as if you are going to die tomorrow.  Garden as if you are going to live forever.

-Joan Kipling

Ben Timp


Angel Hebbe
Advisory Board 

My husband and I moved to his family’s farm in Cambridge in 2013.  We milk 200 cows on two farms, try to maintain the family orchard, and raise steers, pigs and chickens for meat and eggs.


I am passionate about connecting children and the community to the farm. The rewards of raising healthy animals and crops are immeasurable. The sale markets are rough and scary, but farm life is grand, nonetheless, and I love to share it!

As a new member of the community, I am excited to support learning together and practicing together efforts to promote the well-being of our youth, community, and planet.

mark marsh.jpg

Mark Marsh

Advisory Board 

andi Nelson.jpg

Andi Nelson
Advisory Board 

I have always been passionate about the connection of plants and human wellbeing. I have a B.S. in horticulture from UW Madison specializing in perennial fruit crops, and I am excited to utilize that knowledge for this program. My fiancé and I moved into his family’s Cambridge farmhouse in the fall of 2021. I hope to continue to connect with the community and promote sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices for our youth. 

Engaging children with growing and eating local food, exploring farms, and building environmental awareness are all things that I believe in. I have been engaged with state-level Farm to School efforts since 2010 and am excited to bring my knowledge to the board to support efforts in the community where my family lives. 

Amy .jpg

Amy Korth
Advisory Board

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