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Who We Are

Farm to School Advisory Board


Jacy Eckerman

I am so fortunate to be a part of this Farm to School Program!  Knowing where your food comes from, feeling a connection to the earth, and being environmentally aware of your impact on the planet are a few of my passions.  I love working with the community and the students making a difference everyday.

Erica Lien

Ben Timp

Live as if you are going to die tomorrow.  Garden as if you are going to live forever.

-Joan Kipling

Rachel Grauerholz

As a mother of two girls being raised in this community, it is my honor to be a part of ensuring healthy options, and sustainable living, are incorporated into our schools. 

My hopes are that by getting kids into gardens, and teaching them about growing, eating, and composting the foods that they eat, they’ll live by this knowledge, and use it to nurture themselves, and educate others, throughout their lifetime.  

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