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Severson Learning Center F2S Garden

Perennial Edible Garden 

Cambridge Farm to School is creating a perennial edibles garden!  Six new cherry trees were planted this fall in addition to the current 50 raspberry plants and 125 asparagus.  F2S will add a few hundred blackberry, raspberry, and asparagus plants in spring 2018.  F2S is working with the middle school technical ed classes to build a self-watering strawberry trough to add to the growing list of produce!

Cambridge Farm to School is focusing on perennial edibles for several reasons. They generally require less maintenance (no need to re-plant each year!) and are easier on the soil.


Many of the crops are ripe while school is in session, so students from the district can harvest and enjoy the delicious fruit.

F2S Garden Plot Updates

  • In the spring of 2017 the garden plot grew bell peppers for Try it Tuesday that 4k students and their families harvested.

  • Community Tree work day and Planting day, we planted six new cherry trees and harvested brussel sprouts for the middle school lunch.

  • Tomatoes were harvested for the PTO Pizzeria pizza sauce.

  • Black beans were harvested for Try it Tuesdays for black bean hummus

  • Peppers, basil, and apples were available at Ready, Set, Go! night

  • Kale was harvested multiple times for school lunches

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