raspberry garden 2020.jpg

Severson Learning Center F2S Garden

A New Sign is in the Works!

Made from upcycled bottle lids 


Trying to focus on reusing, Jacy Eckerman is creating a sign made from plastic bottle lids. The community saved and dropped off thousands of plastic lids and something lovely has been made from them. (this is only part of the sign)

Perennial Edible


Cambridge Farm to School is creating a perennial edibles garden!  Rows and rows of raspberry canes have been planted and soon, students will be able to pick and eat to their hearts’ content.  A structure to grow gourds was also built in the spring of 2020. After the gourds are dried out they will be used to make bird houses by different groups in the community.  A little pumpkin patch will be installed in the spring of 2021 to grow pumpkins for the Fall Festival Fundraiser F2S is hosting this fall. This is going to be a beautiful, inviting space for children and visitors of the SLC to explore, as well as harvest and eat berries.  F2S in the future hopes to have enough fruit to support many food service programs in our community.