There are SO many Eco-friendly products on the market, but how do we know what is good? Or sometimes that they even exist!? The Cambridge Eco-Jays (a F2S program) is launching a new community project! An Eco-Friendly Product Review Guide for our community by our community. Do you already have a shampoo bar you love or hate? Anyone out there have a metal non-disposable razor they recommend? So many products out there and so much knowledge right here! If you have a product you have been

curious to try, now is a great time!

We want to hear about it!

VIDEO:  We will provide you with 5-10 specific questions and ask that you make a video giving us all your knowledge and then email the footage to the Eco-Jays.

We will take all the footage and edit it into fun little review shorts that will be published on this website and the Farm to School's Facebook page.

WRITTEN: The written word is more your jam?

That is perfect because we want both! Please write your review answering 5-10 specific questions that will be provided to you and email them to the Eco-Jays where they will be formatted and published on this website as well as the Cambridge Farm to School Facebook Page.


Product Reviewers

Products In

Need of Review:

Bathroom products:

Shampoo bars

Conditioner bars

Bar soap

Liquid Soap

Non-disposable razors

Toilet cleaner

General Bathroom Cleaner

Toilet Paper

Tooth brushes

Tooth Paste

Kitchen Products:

BeesWax Wraps

Reusable Snack bags

Silicon Bags

Lunch Boxes


Dish Soap

Hand Soap

Paper Towels

General cleaner

trash bags

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Reusable/bamboo cutlery

Laundry Products:

Laundry Soap

Dryer Balls

What kind of review?

Just click here and we will be in touch to get started!

What do we

want to know?

1. How much does it cost?

2. How effective is it? Does it work?

3. Does it have fragrance?

4. What sort of packaging does it have and come with?

5. What is it's life cycle?

6. What do you like the most?

7. What do you like the least?

8. How do I purchase it?